Help us congratulate Amir and Kristina from Manitoba, Canada who were married this fall and asked us to make them some custom mugs to celebrate their marriage to be used as wedding gifts for guests at their reception.

The idea for the mugs came from a conversation with their friends. Opting for a casual reception, they chose an outdoor celebration of marriage with a backyard BBQ party complimented by kegs of beer, a natural pairing. Laughing at how they could make keg beer classy, they came up with the idea of giving everyone a classy beer stein as a gift.

“After some intensive Googling we found Grey Fox Pottery, which was like a dream come true. It was actually PERFECT for what we were looking for,” said Kristina.

Custom Wedding Steins for GuestsKristina drew the custom design to personalize the mugs. The medallion features a tree overlooking the river is in the couple’s backyard, which sits on the Red River, their initials and the year. They ended up with a custom stein that was personal, yet very usable for their wedding guests for years to come. All 50 guests were gifted a mug for the night to use for their drinks and then to take home with them.

“People went CRAZY over them. Many people told us that they were going to steal the idea for their own weddings. We would recommend Grey Fox in a heartbeat! You guys were very easy-going, easy to communicate with, and made the most gorgeous mugs that we could dream of.”

Thanks Kristina and Amir for giving us the opportunity to take a part in one of the most important moments in your life. We raise a mug to you!