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When you run a small business, every decision falls to you: from the assortment of branded merchandise you offer to the way you serve your custom beer or coffee drinks when customers visit your taproom or coffee shop. 

There is no stand-in for quality. Outfitting your business with quality, custom products shows how passionate you are about your brand and, in many ways, invites your guests into a community they can be proud to take part in. 

Grey Fox Pottery has crafted handmade, custom mugs for nearly 32 years. In that time, we’ve delivered quality stoneware for an array of businesses—whether their branding was simple or unique—and we believe there are few things better than that first glimpse of your brand on custom merchandise. 

How it Works

Stoneware differs from earthenware and other ceramic products in that it has been fired at extremely high temperatures for an extended period. This process transforms the clay into an exceptionally durable product nearly as hard as stone. 

When you work with Grey Fox Pottery, your logo will be created on a clay medallion using an advanced scrimshaw process. The artisans at Grey Fox Pottery will work with you to accommodate your logo’s specific lines and contours until you’re thrilled with the result. 

The medallion is then fired as part of the mug, so your logo will become a part of the stoneware mug, just as durable as the mug itself. Your logo won’t chip away or peel off over time. As long as the mug lasts, your logo medallion will be a part of it, and a stoneware mug should last a long time. 

Coffee Mugs

Grey Fox Pottery offers twelve different styles of coffee mugs in a variety of sizes ranging from ten to eighteen ounces. We offer a vast variety of glaze colors, color combinations and finishes, from matte to glossy, to create a truly customized mug that represents your brand. 

Grey Fox Pottery’s small order minimum means you can order according to the seasons and each individual marketing campaign without committing long-term to certain styles. Business owners who regularly like to shake things up will find this especially convenient. 

Perhaps you’re envisioning a shelf full of the classic diner mugs bearing your logo or a soup mug perfect for both soup or a large latte. Whatever the case, we’d be thrilled to help you make that vision a reality. Take a look at all the styles and sizes available at Grey Fox Pottery, and send us  your logo art today. 

Beer Steins

Set yourself apart as a true beer aficionado when you serve beer in a custom, stoneware stein. The history of beer is intertwined with beer steins of varying materials, from wooden tankards to earthenware steins to Grey Fox Pottery’s handmade stoneware mugs. 

Yes, stoneware truly speaks to the history of beer. Our assortment of styles and sizes allows you to choose the right type to enhance your customer’s experience. We offer 12 styles, from the Potbelly Stein rendered in stoneware to the German classic Hofbrau Stein in sizes ranging from 16 to 24 ounces. 

Explore the assortment available at Grey Fox Pottery and choose your favorite. You can stock a variety of styles in your gift shop and serve your beer in several varieties of stoneware steins, bringing out the character of each brew. Have a mug club? Create limited edition annual mugs as collector pieces only available to members.

Stoneware Mugs From Grey Fox Pottery

At Grey Fox Pottery, we understand the unique trials and triumphs of small business ownership, and we’re eager to work with you to craft high-quality stoneware mugs or steins that suit your needs and help you show off your brand. 

We’re a part of our Minneapolis community, and our products are crafted locally by talented local artisans. Learn more about stoneware coffee mugs and beer steins by giving us a call or visiting our gallery page for ideas. 

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