20 ounce beer stein

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Possibly the most popular German stein shape ever, our Hofbrau beer tankard has a squared off handle that’s super comfortable in your hand. It's simple design that really makes glaze colors pop! Add a rim glaze to this mug and it looks like a frothy head of beer dripping from you mug.

We've had the privilege of making mugs for TJ Rockwell's for a number of years. Two brothers started a small tavern and restaurant in 1997 which has grown into two locations and one of the most recognized names in Pennsylvania today. When you walk up to the bar, you'll see rows of stoneware beer mugs hanging, waiting for their next fill by VIP mug club members. TJ's offers once annual membership opportunities and they usually sell out within a week or two.

If you've thought about a mug club you'll need more than just a beer glass and some discounts if you want to have people lining up to join. Of course you'll need a stylish custom ceramic stein and some nice benefits for your members. We've got lots of ideas on mug club offers on our Stories page - or email us to get your quote and start designing your mug club mug.