Drinking beer has been one of humankind’s favorite pastimes since the dawn of history, but mug clubs have added a new and entertaining twist to the endeavor. Challenging yourself to try every beer on a menu within a defined time frame requires no small amount of daring. And with thousands of styles and flavors of beer out there in the world, there’s astounding potential for variety.

If your business is looking to liven things up with a mug club of your own, you’re likely exploring your options as far as what to give your customers in exchange for their willingness to be adventurous with your products. Surely you don’t want to compromise the excitement of the experience by rewarding participants with cheap jugs, cups, or steins with screen prints slapped on them.

What would make your mug club stand out is offering a selection of mugs as distinctive as the various drinks that you’ll be serving your customers without sacrificing quality. You’d want rewards that symbolize the once-in-a-lifetime experience that mug clubs can promise. We’ve got three words for you: custom beer steins.

Like the drinks that you serve, the beer steins should impress themselves upon the minds of your customers and keep them coming back for more. They should be able to look at those steins decades later and remember exactly when and where they got them because their individuality makes it easy to associate them with the joy of drinking something from your menu.

The beer steins here at Grey Fox Pottery fit that description in many ways.

Represent Your Business With Style

First of all, they’re customizable, so you can have a quality clay medallion of your logo or artwork on as wide a diversity of steins as you please. Almost everything about your steins is in your control—their shapes, their colors, their glazes, and what goes on them. Your customers won’t find anything like them anywhere else. The same could not be said if you settled for something mass-produced and of lower quality.

Also, mug clubs would be less fun for the participants if every jug they got looked just like the others. Think about it—you try new drinks multiple times and get identical cups to show for it. It’s likely that you wouldn’t even remember which one you got from each drinking adventure.

Providing participants with a selection of steins that have only one thing in common—the image of your company’s brand—can only attract more business for you, as they can look forward to a different reward every time they take part in your mug club. Maybe they’ll even aim to collect each kind of beer stein that you offer.

Of course, if enough of your customers like a certain kind of beer stein, you can order in bulk. Whether you need four dozen completely individual steins or steins that all follow the same design patterns, we can make it happen. We’re flexible like that.

Handcrafted Quality Found Nowhere Else

Each stein is handmade by our talented artists. What this means is that without factory machines ensuring that every detail of every product mimics the details of all the other products, no two beer steins of ours are exactly alike. That’s true no matter how many dozens of the same kind of stein you order.

In other words, your customers can receive steins that are as unique as fingerprints. There’s no better way to commemorate these incredible beer adventures than to give your customers irreplaceable mementos to treasure.

Enduring Stein, Enduring Flavor

There’s nothing about our steins that suggests that we don’t believe in putting out anything but the best. Our steins are stoneware, built to endure time and frequent use. Knowing that you care enough to give something that will last tells your customers that you take them (and their efforts with your mug club) seriously.

Besides being more durable, our handmade steins echo a time when people appreciated them for their ability to preserve the flavor and textures of many kinds of beer. Their shapes and the materials with which they were made all affected the drinking experience. In the days before pint and shot glasses, steins were the way to drink if you had any respect for your alcohol.

Imagine serving every single beer on your menu in steins that are specifically designed to maximize all of their best qualities. Imagine telling your customers that they can keep those steins as souvenirs of their memories with your mug club. Imagine them returning for more and more and more.

Beer steins are how you bring a sense of long-established authenticity to something so entirely modern as a mug club. That’s how you fuse honored tradition with the embracing of new experiences. It’s the best way to show your customers that they’re more than just sets of indistinguishable pint glasses to you—they’re all unique and worth the extra effort.

It’s All About the Adventure

Look, we can keep extolling the merits of choosing our steins over any other cheaper or more common alternative, but the fact is that if you’re truly determined to make the most of your mug club, you won’t need any more convincing. Give us a try. Taking a chance on our products is the perfect way to get into the spirit of encouraging your customers to take a chance on yours.

Call or message us today to make your mug club an unforgettable experience.

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