Providing your customers with a memorable experience in your establishment is the greatest gift that you can give them. Your delicious coffee starts their day off with a boost of energy and a warm, happy feeling. It’s the place where they join up with friends, meet a new client, or relax for awhile. Their gift back to you is returning to your business over and over again. Here are 10 ways that custom coffee mugs inspire your customers to be loyal to your shop.      

  1. Complements Your Overall Décor and Design

Custom coffee mugs for shopsCustom coffee mugs will attract patrons who are sure to notice how nicely the color, shape, and style of the mugs enhance the overall design of your coffee shop. Think of selecting mugs the way that you’d pick the perfect accessory for a special outfit. The different style mugs will make a nice accent to the selections on your menu and help bring in your target customers.


  1. Brings Your Brand Recognition

branded coffee mugsStudies show that a customer needs to see your brand three or more times before they are ready to buy. A custom mug places your brand squarely in front of them where they can see it and touch it as they sip their coffee. If they take a selfie while they are relaxing, they will catch another glimpse of it every time they pull up their social media profiles. All of their friends and family will see it too. The more times that they see and touch your stoneware mugs, the more they will remember your name.

  1. Match Your Mugs to Your Menu

Many of your customers have already picked out their favorite item on your menu. They order it every time they come in. They’ll love knowing that their favorite café au lait or homemade soup will be served up in a custom, handmade stoneware soup mug or their fancy brew will be served in an elegant chalice every time.  

  1. Durability Means Value

Our handmade stoneware mugs resists chipping and breaking. Wash them easily with soap and water. Durability means that you will be replacing them less often than mugs made with lower-quality materials.

  1. The Inspiration for Socialization

The fast pace of our society encourages people to look for opportunities to combine business and other activities with opportunities to socialize. Having a robust cup of coffee in custom mug inspires them to linger in your establishment a bit longer to enjoy the ambiance and the company.

  1. Keeps Your Regulars Regularly Coming Back

You’ll know that you’ve made a regular customer when you receive a compliment on the classic, stylish mug that you serve it in, as well as your coffee. Your custom mugs will be the start of an endless conversation when they return to your business.  

  1. Familiarity Breeds Satisfaction

When your customers want to enjoy and relax after a long day, they long for an experience that feels familiar.  They want to cozy in at their favorite table and sip a flavorful blend from a coffee mug they love for a truly satisfying experience.

  1. Establishes a Reputation for Quality

Your customers will appreciate knowing that you passed over the paper cups and cardboard insulators for hand-crafted mugs so that they could spend a few moments in quiet indulgence. Many of them will appreciate that you made an effort to think green by saving the earth by taking a few extra minutes to wash out the cups after each use.     

  1. Differentiates You from Other Establishments

Your customers know that they can go into any coffee shop and dispense coffee into a paper cup. If the option of a glass cup exists, it generally comes in the form of a simple, white mug. By sending your coffee out to your customers in a handmade, stoneware coffee mug with your logo front and center, you differentiate your place of business from the grab-and-go cookie-cutter shops in the area.

  1. Coffee Out Is an Occasional Treat

To better appreciate the value that you extend to your customers by serving them coffee in a custom mug, you only have to think about why they venture out for a cup of coffee in the first place. Coffee at home usually means a messy counter and grabbing one of a dozen odd cups from the cupboard, just to drink it alone. Coffee at your place means good coffee, stylish mugs, and friendly faces.

The type of coffee mugs that you select have the power to turn a ho-hum day into a special day. Your reward is seeing the smiles of contentment on your customer’s faces as they enjoy their coffee. A satisfied customer is a returning customer. Your custom coffee mugs will keep them returning to your shop ten times over, and lots more.


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