No matter what type of business you run, selling or giving away high-quality branded coffee mugs is a phenomenal way to spread the word about your product/services while establishing and strengthening brand loyalty. However, even after you’ve committed to this smart marketing tactic, there are still a huge number of decisions to be made.

What will your new coffee mugs look like?
Which brand artwork will you use?
How should you distribute these pieces to your customers?
And, most importantly, which pottery producer should you work with?

Believe it or not, your answer to that final question can massively affect the quality, cost and uniqueness of your branded coffee mugs, essentially determining whether your marketing push thrives or flops. Today, to ensure that your journey into branded merchandise is a resounding success, we’ll be walking you through five key questions you need to ask before ordering branded coffee mugs from any provider.

1. Do I want earthenware mugs or stoneware mugs?

Stoneware and earthenware are two of the most common types of pottery, and each employs different forms of clay and preparation processes. Earthenware is appealing for many types of household dinnerware because it’s incredibly cheap and easy to make. However, earthenware pottery is significantly less durable than stoneware, meaning that it can very easily chip and break when washed or handled roughly. Regardless, earthenware coffee mugs can still be a good choice if you’re strapped for cash; just don’t expect them to last long.

Grey Fox Pottery exclusively deals in stoneware mugs because they’re so much stronger and more resistant to chipping than earthenware. Yes, the process of creating stoneware pottery is more difficult, but it ultimately yields a far superior product.

That’s why businesses looking to set their patrons up with branded mugs that they can treasure and enjoy for years on end choose stoneware every single time. Moreover, investing in stoneware teaches customers to associate your business with quality and assures them that you’re willing to go that extra mile to provide them with an outstanding product, building brand loyalty and setting you apart from competitors trying to save a quick buck on their merchandise.

2. How extensively can I customize my mugs?

Even if you use the best pottery materials and processes around, it’s almost impossible to make your branded mugs stand out and wow people without unique colors and designs. Regrettably, most branded mug providers offer a very limited selection of glaze and mug variants, forcing you to choose between the same four or five bland and samey styles your competitors will be using. That’s why it’s always a good idea to forgo these generic options in favor of designs that truly reflect the look and personality of your brand.

At Grey Fox Pottery, we take pride in our massive selection of customization options. Not only do we offer twelve entirely unique coffee mug designs, but we also have a nearly endless variety of gorgeous glaze colors (which are all lead-free and food safe), enabling you to design a one-of-a-kind mug that beautifully complements and enhances your brand’s aesthetic.

3. Can this provider properly replicate my brand’s artwork?

Even the most durable and personalized mugs are destined to fail if they don’t properly display your logo or artwork. Unfortunately, many branded pottery producers don’t have the knowledge or expertise to accurately and dynamically replicate your company’s logo on their mugs, making your artwork look sloppy and uninspiring. Rather than screen printing your logo onto each mug, quality pottery companies like us employ highly experienced artists to engrave your company’s visuals onto each mug with amazing detail and depth. Thanks to this ceramic scrimshaw technique, your stoneware coffee mugs will turn heads and leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees them.

4. What is this provider’s minimum order size for mugs?

Bear in mind that each pottery producer has a different minimum order size for its coffee mugs. For example, many wholesale companies have minimum order sizes of 250 mugs or more, making it very difficult for small or mid-sized businesses to get the branded pottery they need without spending significantly more than their budget allows. After all, there aren’t many bakeries or pubs that need thousands of coffee mugs for their small gift shop.

That’s where mug providers like Grey Fox Pottery come in. Thanks to our commitment to working with companies of all sizes, we have a minimum order size of just 48 pieces, a perfect number of coffee mugs to stock your gift shop or host a small event or challenge with “limited edition” mugs as the reward. And, of course, if your business needs more pieces to satiate its merch-hungry fans, we’d be more than happy to accommodate them.

5. Will the money I spend on these mugs support my country?

If you’re anything like us, you love the idea of supporting fellow American businesses with your hard-earned money. Unlike many of our competitors, each Grey Fox Pottery coffee mug is made right here in the USA by American artists. That means when you order a line of coffee mugs from us, you’ll know for a fact that your money is supporting an American company, boosting the economy and continued success of your country in the process.

Order Wholesale Coffee Mugs From Grey Fox Pottery

If you’re interested in ordering wholesale branded coffee mugs from Grey Fox Pottery to help your business excel, then be sure to contact us today. You can also reach out to us if you have any additional questions about our products or need more advice on how to promote and grow your business through branded merchandise. We look forward to hearing from you soon.