Baking is a challenging craft. It’s a discipline where even one small error or lapse in judgment can put hours of hard work to waste. And, regrettably, marketing a bakery business can be the same way. If you invest in the wrong tactics to promote your bakery, you could end up throwing away precious time and money for nothing. Moreover, it’s important to develop original, compelling promotional efforts to differentiate yourself from competitors and get people excited about your products. But considering how busy you are managing the daily operations of your business, it’s not like you have an abundance of free time to spend researching and trying out a bunch of different marketing strategies.

Here at Grey Fox Pottery, we’re committed to helping small businesses thrive through smart, feasible and exciting marketing, which is why we offer a variety of handmade branded stoneware (including coffee mugs, special event mugs and beer steins). These stylish, classy and affordable pottery pieces come in a massive selection of styles and colors, making it easy for our clients to showcase and spread the word about their business with high-quality merchandise that perfectly matches the look and feel of their brand. Over the years, we’ve worked with American companies of every type and size, and all those experiences taught us a great deal about how to promote different kinds of businesses. So today, we’ll be filling you in on three simple and easy bakery marketing tactics you can use to help your business stand out and grow.

1. Organize Fun Contests for Customers

Everyone loves a contest, particularly when the award for winning involves tasty baked goods. Next time a new customer walks into your bakery, ask them if they’d like to try their hand at a quick game of trivia to win a free cupcake. The questions you ask can be themed around desserts, baking or any other topic you think your customers would be interested in. (Just be sure not to make them too difficult.) Fun little interactions like this might seem trivial at first, but they’re actually fantastic opportunities to personally connect with patrons and entertain them, effectively deepening brand loyalty and setting your bakery apart from competitors. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even organize contests and games for your social media followers, offering the winners discounted or free merchandise and goods.

2. Build a Strong Online Presence

When your prospective customers feel the urge to grab a delicious pie or a fresh loaf of bread from a new bakery, one of the first things most of them will do is hop on Google to search around the local area, which is why it’s absolutely imperative to set your bakery up as a Google Business. That way, your listing will appear when people search for nearby bakeries on Google Search or Google Maps. This setup will also allow you to share the news about your latest specials and offers right on the search page. Becoming a Google Business is free and very easy, so be sure to look into signing up if you haven’t already.

Social media is another massive component to building a strong online presence for your organization. Not only do social media channels allow you to build customer loyalty through engaging with followers, but they also provide opportunities for fans to promote your bakery and goods to friends and family with posts of their own. Remember, personal recommendations are significantly more likely to bring new patrons to your door than any form of traditional marketing or advertising. Fortunately, constructing and maintaining a solid set of social pages isn’t that demanding. For the most part, it just comes down to responding to comments and uploading a few pieces of exciting content related to your brand each week. Are you about to release a new flatbread or pastry? Then make a quick post about it to build excitement and interest among your followers. Adding a new employee to your team? Then toss up a short and fun video interview with them. Need more guidance on running your social pages? Then feel free to look up a few additional tips for social media success online.

3. Offer Handmade Coffee Mugs to Patrons

Selling or giving out merchandise to fans is an excellent way to promote your brand while rewarding your loyal supporters. However, it’s important to choose branded items that complement the interests and lifestyles of your patrons. That’s where high-quality coffee mugs come in. Coffee pairs beautifully with a number of baked goods, which makes coffee mugs a perfect companion for the delectable treats your bakery offers. Branded mugs essentially transform your biggest fans into your most consistent marketers, producing free advertising for your organization each and every time they take a sip of coffee at home or work. Lastly, by investing in handmade stoneware pieces instead of bland, generic ceramic mugs, you make it abundantly clear to your customers that, unlike a vast majority of competing bakeries, you’re willing to go the extra step to provide them with one-of-a-kind rewards that match the excellent quality of your baked products.

At Grey Fox Pottery, we make it easy to showcase your company logo with gorgeous wholesale coffee mugs. All you have to do is send us a copy of your black and white artwork. Our team of American artists will use our unique Ceramic Scrimshaw process to detail your mug with precision and quality, regardless of how simple or complex your brand’s artwork is. Moreover, we offer a huge selection of attractive coffee mug styles and glaze colors, ensuring that the mugs you order mesh seamlessly with the aesthetic of your brand. Best of all, our minimum order size is just 48 pieces, giving you maximum flexibility and the most bang for your buck while making the delivery process as fast and seamless as possible.

Contact Grey Fox Pottery

If you’re interested in learning more about Grey Fox Pottery or ordering a set of top-quality branded mugs for your bakery, then be sure to call or message us today. You can also reach out if you have any additional questions about small business marketing. As a fellow American business, we’re fully committed to your success and would be more than happy to provide you with any resources or help you need.

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