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Labyrinth Brewing Company

Mug Style: 20 ounce Potbelly

Glaze: Satin Black with Rust

Brief Bio

Labyrinth Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in an old mill building in the historic district of Manchester CT. We were founded in a garage by 3 life-long friends with a passion for brewing beer. Our tap room is a comfortable gathering space for friends and neighbors to chat, play a board game, or listen to local music while sipping a pint of our beer. It’s also home to a small art gallery that features works by local and regional artists.

How We Use Our Grey Fox Mugs

The mugs are for our Mug Club, which is basically an exclusive customer loyalty program. When a customer joins the Mug Club they are assigned a specific mug that hangs behind the bar for the year. Each time they visit the get to drink from their assigned mug and are treated as VIPs. At the end of the year they take the mug home and have an option to renew their membership. They get a bunch of other perks for being a member but the limited number of mugs we have behind the bar makes this club exclusive.

In focus picture on a black beer mug with clay logo medallion with blurred background of three men standing side by side.

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