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Mug Style: 20 ounce Barrel

Glaze: Brown with Green

Brief Bio

Established in 2014, Schnabeltier is a unique establishment made up of a winery, brewery, and cheesery located in the small town of Rochester, Indiana. Schnabeltier is the German word for platypus. The schnabeltier is an amazing animal made up of many different parts to create a unique whole. Our founders thought the name was the perfect fit for our company, which is the only known facility to focus on beer, cheese and wine production under the same roof. Our high-quality artisan cheeses are crafted to pair exquisitely with our award-winning wines and exciting craft brews. Utilizing old world methods and locally sourced ingredients, we produce delicious, fresh products that are better together!

How We Use Our Grey Fox Mugs

Officially known as the Schnab Stein, this mug comes with a handful of benefits! Any time you bring your stein in, it grants you access to Platy Pours, gets you 1 free fill of beer on your birthday, and 1 free fill on the day you purchase the stein. We plan to release a new mug every year, making the Schnab Stein an exclusive collector’s item!

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