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Giving your real estate clients a thoughtful gift builds solid and lasting relationships.

Purchasing a property is a significant financial and emotional investment. A carefully chosen gift shows your appreciation for being trusted with that investment.

Client gifts also build word-of-mouth to increase referrals and grow a client base. Whether it’s a personalized item for their new home or a seasonal gift, your gift will be a reminder of your relationship, reminding clients to reach out to you for their future real estate needs.

How To Select The Best Gifts For Real Estate Clients

Real estate agents should give gifts to clients selling and purchasing properties. You can also consider gifts for open houses, referral incentives, and marketing events and promotions.

Gifts can be given at milestones like homeownership anniversaries, birthdays and holidays, like Christmas. However, the most common times to give a gift are at closing or move-in as a housewarming gift.

When purchasing a gift, consider a unique item that is personalized, memorable, and reflects the high quality of your services. Consider the client’s preferences, lifestyle, and the personal connection you have with them.

For example, if a client has children, it’s a good idea to give them something family-friendly, like a trip to the zoo, rather than an adult-only activity like a wine tasting. If they are getting their first home, give them something useful they can use every day. If they are downsizing for retirement, get them a luxury to enjoy.

Finally, always make sure you are following your local RESPA guidelines.

Eight Gifts Your Real Estate Clients They Will Love

Consider these eight ideas for your next real estate client gift:

1. Welcome To The Neighborhood

One of the best closing gifts is a welcome to the neighborhood basket.

Filling the basket with local sundries, handmade items, and gift cards is a perfect way to help your clients explore their new neighborhoods. The best part is that you don’t have to go to each place individually now because there are websites specializing in selling gift cards for local small businesses. You can buy them all at once from different local vendors on these websites.

Your clients will appreciate your local knowledge.

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2. A Taste Of Home

After moving into a new home, feeling a little homesick for your last place is natural.

Offering a taste of home with a comforting gift of a soup bowl and gourmet local comfort foods, like dried pasta or soups, help get them settled in a new home by providing some ready to make meal items. You can even add some high-end culinary utensils.

Your clients will appreciate you for helping them feel at home in their new place.

3. Spa Retreat

Moving can be highly stressful in some cases.

A great way to help your clients unwind after everything is with a spa retreat package. You can assemble a DIY spa package full of luscious spa essentials from local businesses or buy a gift certificate from a local spa.

Either way, your clients will appreciate the care for their wellness after a tough move.

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4. Family Adventure Day

Moving is especially tough on the little ones.

Gifting a welcome gift of adventure can help kids be excited about their new house and community. Offer gift cards to local activities like children’s museums, theme parks, and kid-favorite restaurants.

Parents won’t just appreciate your care for their family, but they’ll also be glad to have some fun after a move.

5. Home Improvement

Even when clients find their dream home, they will still want to make some changes to make it truly theirs.

Consider home improvement gifts like a professional house cleaning, gift cards to the local hardware store, or a homeowner’s tool kit. Your clients will appreciate these thoughtful gifts as it shows you listened to their dreams.

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6. Charity Donation

In special cases, finding the right client gift is tough.

For example, in the case of downsizing, most people are trying to have fewer items, not more. In these cases, a more thoughtful gift would be donating to charity. Choose a charity that shows you remember what truly matters to your clients.

A charitable donation given in their name as a gift creates trust and a lasting bond between you.

7. Gardener’s Delight

Residents moving from the city to suburban or rural communities might be most excited about having a garden.

Consider a gardening gift for these clients, like a local almanac, seeds for local plants, or a local plant nursery gift card.

Not only will you give your clients a head start on their dream garden, but they’ll also appreciate how you’ve supported their goals.

8. Welcome Home Brews

Another welcome gift to consider is perfect for the coffee lover. Select a beautifully crafted artisanal mug and present it with a bag of local coffee, gift cards to a local coffee shop, and some hand-selected local treats and coffee condiments.

Your clients will appreciate the thoughtfulness and help find the best coffee shop in their neighborhood.

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Why Choose Artisan Crafted Mugs And Bowls

Selecting high-quality gifts for real estate clients reflects your professionalism. Choosing artist-crafted stoneware bowls and mugs showcases quality but provides a meaningful, personal touch.

Handmade mugs can be personalized with your logo, artwork, and other special touches. A wonderful option is to inscribe these your stoneware pieces with welcoming messages about home like:

  • “Love lives here”
  • “Happiness is homemade”
  • “Home is our anchor”
  • “Together is home”
  • “Home, sweet home”

Get creative! No matter what you envision for your real estate client gifts, our artisan team at Grey Fox Pottery can help make it a reality.

We offer a wide variety of glazes, styles, and shapes to match your brand. We can help you create something that they will use and love–a lasting gift that will also keep you top of mind for any of your client’s future real estate needs.

Get started here by requesting a quote on a custom mug order. We’ll happily answer any questions and walk you through the process of creating the perfect gifts for real estate clients.

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