As church leaders it is your highest calling to grow God’s flock. Your church welcomes all with open arms and warm hearts, offering a safe haven where faith and fellowship intertwine. However, God’s message cannot be received without a messenger. Growing your church requires a dedicated strategy to attract members.

There are effective ways to attract members to your church; here are some marketing strategies to help you get started on this important mission.

1. Connect With Your Local Community

Churches meet a vital need beyond the spiritual. Churches are a third space where we can gather with our friends, family, and neighbors that share the same values and goals.

The best way to meet the community’s needs is by being consistently active. Get involved in local events, partner with other organizations or non-profits, and offer outreach programs that address the needs of your community. You can organize around a cause like hunger or homelessness. You can also train with local first responders to help in emergencies.

When people see the good you are doing in your community, they will rush to be a part of it.

2. Foster Small Groups Within The Church

An effective way to build a solid community within your church is foster close friendships. Encourage the formation of small groups within your church where members can connect and share scripture with one another.

Small groups provide a sense of belonging, support, and spiritual growth for individuals within a church community. They create spaces where people can connect on a deeper level, apply their faith practices, and experience authentic fellowship. Small-group dynamics are instrumental in building a strong and vibrant church community that is centered on love, care, and the pursuit of a deeper relationship with God.

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3. Host Inclusive Events

No matter your denomination, church membership is down across the country. Some pastors find their membership is down 15%, while independent firms found that only 7 out of 10 churchgoers prior to the pandemic still attend. Not only has there been a decline in membership, many churches have closed their doors permanently.

One way to combat this decline is by hosting inclusive events.

Hosting events attracts church members by providing opportunities for individuals to connect with their faith , experience your church’s unique atmosphere and preaching style, and showcase your vision, values, and beliefs.

By organizing religious events like worship services, Bible studies, and prayer gatherings, you create opportunities for individuals to reconnect with their faith. Religious events will also showcase the core values and beliefs of the church, giving attendees a taste of what they can expect as members.

In addition to religious events, hosting non-religious events is an effective strategy for reaching out to individuals who may not have a robust theological background or are seeking a sense of community outside traditional religious settings.

By organizing social gatherings, community service projects, or cultural events, churches create a welcoming and inclusive environment that appeals to a diverse range of people. By demonstrating a genuine interest in the well-being of the broader community, churches can attract individuals who may eventually be open to exploring theology and embracing the spiritual aspects of church life.

4. Have A Plan For Every Member

When young families attend church, they are often looking for guidance from Church leadership to raise spiritually-aligned children. When empty-nesters go to church, they are often looking to share the reserve of the love they had now that their children are grown. Every member of your congregation is there for a different reason. So when you are working on growing the church, make sure to understand and address everyone’s unique needs.

For young families, you can offer worship activities, programs, and experiences centered around children. At the same time, an empty nester might enjoy a fellowship lunch where they can connect with other church members who might benefit from their wisdom and life experiences. Also, consider working their needs into your sermon, so all members of the congregation can learn how to identify those support needs. A strong community meets everyone’s needs no matter their age, stage of life, or familial status.

There’s also a natural cycle to church membership that leaders must consider. Young adults often leave the church during their college years. However, they often look to return after establishing families and having children. Creating programs tailored to these younger members will ensure their children grow up in the church just like they did.

5. Leverage Technology

Technology is truly a blessing when it comes to connecting with other members of the discipleship. Embracing technology opens doors for connection and outreach, helping your church thrive and impact more lives.

Here are some ideas to help you use technology at your church:

  • Establish a user-friendly website and utilize social media platforms to create a vibrant online presence that reflects your church’s culture.
  • Livestream services, sermons, and events to reach a broader audience and engage members who can’t attend in person.
  • Preach meaningful evangelism through blogs, podcasts, or videos that resonate with people’s lives.
  • Foster a sense of community with virtual small groups and facilitate online giving for convenience.
  • Utilize social media networks, messaging apps and email newsletters to enhance communication.
  • Create a virtual seminary program to help future church leaders and missionaries, equipping them for their missionary endeavors and stewardship.

Technology offers exciting opportunities to share your message, nurture a sense of community, and impact lives in powerful ways.

Deploying these church marketing strategies is an effective way to overcome the declining church membership and help in growing the church. Another fantastic way to welcome new members and show your appreciation to your existing flock is with a unique gift that builds a strong bond. Consider our custom coffee mugs.

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