12 ounce coffee mug

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Our Pedestal Mug is a nice, round belly mug with a big foot! It accommodates a perfect 12 ounce pour of a nice, steamy, rich cup of java.

Are you drinking coffee or tea to warm your bones? For aches and pains, a warm drink might help to soothe and relax you––yet often injuries and aging call for something a little more effective in order to maintain an active lifestyle. Westphal Orthopedics is a thriving joint and orthopedic center serving the community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Here is their Pedestal Mug in Dark Teal with white glaze. It makes sense that an orthopedic practice would order a mug with a foot, right? Which glaze will you choose for your custom mug?

Coffee mugs arent just for coffee houses. We make a lot of mugs for professional organizations to use as thank you gifts for their employees, customers and investors. The minimum quantity order is just 48 pieces, and we customize with your logo.