As a brewery owner, you should always be looking out for new ways to grow your business through innovative marketing strategies. Whether you’ve been running your business for one week or ten years, it’s imperative to continuously revamp and refine your marketing efforts to ensure that you’re reaching out to future customers effectively and creating a stronger presence in your communities.

At Grey Fox Pottery, we’re fully committed to helping your business succeed, regardless of its needs or constraints. That’s why we’ll be taking a few minutes today to detail and address three common mistakes your brewery is probably making that are keeping it from reaching its full potential.

1. You Lack a Clear Brand & Vision

Knowing what your business means and having a vision of what you want it to achieve will help you more clearly define goals when it comes to pushing your brewery toward success. Craft beer has never been more popular than it is today. That means that there’s an oversaturated market full of brewers that make great beer.

One of the key elements that differentiates one brewer from another is their personal brand. You want to market your company in a way that tells a story and focus every aspect of your business around it. This may take some time to create, but that’s okay because it’s the first and most vital step in creating your brand! To begin deciding how you want to brand your business, try asking yourself a few questions:

  • Who are you as a brewer?
  • Why did you choose to dedicate your life to this craft?
  • What does beer mean to you?
  • What do you want your business to do?

If your passion for brewing is evident to your customers, it will create a passion for beer within them. Maybe you’ll even inspire some of them to try their hand at the craft as well!

Row of beer taps with black handles.

2. You Lack a Proper Marketing Strategy

When it comes to making a business, you have to do some of the grunt work to make it as successful as possible. It wouldn’t be work if it was all play all the time, would it? Lacking a clear brand is an issue, but what’s the point of beer and a brand if you don’t have customers? This is where your marketing strategy comes in. Once you’ve decided what you want people to think about your business, you can begin to find ways to best market your brand.

The most effective ways to do this will vary depending on several aspects of your business, including location, budget and how established you are already, but we have a few suggestions for marketing strategies that everyone can incorporate into their business no matter their specific circumstances.

Start with Social Media

Some of the best ways to market in contemporary culture at any point in your business’s life are through developing strong social media channels and encouraging new customers to spread knowledge of your business by word of mouth. These are cost-effective and powerful ways to create a presence in your community. To develop a strong social media presence, create pages on popular websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Though Instagram and Snapchat are relatively new ways to market a business, they are especially useful if you’re targeting relatively young demographics. Make customers want to come for a photo op and you’ll have them coming back for the awesome atmosphere and beer.

Tall red beer stein with handle and a clay logo medallion reading "summit city brewworks".

3. You’re Selling Subpar Merchandise

As every connoisseur of beer knows, certain beer steins are created specifically to bring out the best in different kinds of beers. A great way for you to involve your customers more directly in your business is to engage them in the process of learning about beer. Since beer is your passion, you understand full well that it’s much more than a fun pastime or a business venture; drinking beer is an art.

Anyone can drink a beer, but not everyone can fully appreciate it. A great way to begin to reach out to your customers to encourage them to learn the art of one of their favorite pastimes is by having a variety of merchandise created to fulfill this purpose. A full stock of unique and original hand-crafted beer steins (like the ones we create at Grey Fox Pottery) is the first step in educating your customers on the beers they’ll enjoy most and the best ways to drink them. Additionally, each Grey Fox Pottery stein is handcrafted and completely unique, meaning that your customers will be getting a piece of merchandise as unique as your business and the customers that you sell to.

Remember, your business is what your business sells, and that includes your beverages and the mugs you serve them in. We’ve already established how important it is to radiate your unique brand through every aspect of your business venture, and the steins you serve your beer in and sell to your customers is just another way of doing this!

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