What do you get a guy who has, well, everything? We’re talking the latest technology, the newest New York Times bestseller, and a subscription to every streaming service on the face of the planet. If you’re a casual acquaintance looking for a thoughtful gift, you might be stumped. Truly, even a close friend or significant other might find it difficult to pick out the perfect gift for a fella–and that’s okay.

Coming up with gift ideas for men isn’t easy, but if that man is a beer lover, you’re off to a great start. Gifts centered around beer are as varied as the alcohol itself! From unique birthday presents to quirky holiday gifts, we’ve got you covered.

A Classy Bottle Opener

Stop cringing every time you see him chipping a counter–or worse, using his teeth–to open a beer bottle and start helping him open his brews with style. If you’re in need of a thoughtful gift for a beer-loving guy, invest in a solid bottle opener that will serve him well for years to come. There’s a huge variety on the market, and you can even get him a personalized one, to ensure that he’ll think of you every time he pops off a cap.

A Mug Club Membership

What’s better than a thoughtful, unique gift? A thoughtful, unique gift that’s free! Sneakily find out if your beer lover is part of a local mug club. If he’s not, find a great loyalty program at a local brewery and sign him up. You’ll likely only need his email, but you should talk with the management about how you’re trying to give a membership as a present. Once you’ve got him signed up, you can present him with his mug club mug! And not only will your friend get that neat mug and special drink deals at the brewery, but he might also get discounts on additional merchandise, or even a special birthday deal.

Seasonal Brews

Are you in need of a great holiday present but totally lacking the amount of time it would take to hunt one down? Never fear–just head to your local brewery to find out what kinds of seasonal beers are being offered, and bring your friend something special to try out. You’re most likely to stumble across different limited edition Christmas and winter-themed flavors, but don’t discount this as an option after the holidays are over, either. Once you know what to look for, you’ll probably come across all sorts of seasonal brews depending on the time of year, from spooky, pumpkin-flavored ales to spring-y lagers. And even if your friend doesn’t like the taste of whatever you buy, he’ll have gotten to try something new–and you’ll have given him a fun present that plays into his interests.

A Beer Cap Display Board

Has your beer loving friend collected bottle caps for years? And are they just laying around in the least aesthetically pleasing manner possible? The collection might fare better–and maybe even impress visitors–when displayed in an appropriate case or board. The options are almost limitless here and will probably depend on the types of beer your friend likes to drink. If he’s a fan of trying beers from all over the country, you can gift him a bottle cap display board shaped like a map of the country. If he sticks to what he likes, opt for a square board that will show off the symmetry of similar caps.

A Handmade Beer Stein

If you’re looking for a handy gift for a guy who takes pride in his beer drinking habits, a beer stein is the way to go. While we don’t sell individual mugs, you can ‘Google” Grey Fox Pottery Steins for Sale and might find some beautiful choice for purchase on eBay and Etsy. Or you may happen to find our customized mugs for sale at your local brewery.

A Brewery Tour

Don’t get stuck in the rut of conventional men’s gift ideas like wallets or aftershave; give him an experience to remember by taking him on a brewery tour! You can make this gift simple and easy to arrange by signing him (and maybe you!) up to tour a brewery in his neighborhood. This is a great chance for him to see how his much-loved local brews are made. On the other hand, you can make this gift as extravagant as possible by taking a trip to explore a massive brewery. Since tours are typically free or less than $10, you’ll be able to focus on picking the right one and getting your beer lover there!

Give the Perfect Gift with Grey Fox Pottery

Grey Fox Pottery artists put extreme care and work into their creations, and it shows. After all, we’ve been crafting unique, customized stoneware tankards and mugs for over 28 years. Whatever your budget there’s lots of great beer centric gifts to choose from. We mention these few based on our years of working with brewpubs and craft brewers because they seem to offer lots of fun for the buck. Cheers!