Before the boom of the craft beer industry began, two guys in Portland, Maine were experimenting with brewing beers at their homes. Just two years later Shipyard Brewing Company was born. That was over 20 years ago and now Shipyard boasts over 20 varieties of beer, plus craft soda, sold all over the U.S.

Shipyard Brewing gives their customers multiple ways to enjoy their brews. In addition to their main brewing facility, which includes an onsite taproom in their Portland brewery, Shipyard has a brewpub in Kennebunkport Harbor, Federal Jacks. They distribute to local liquor stores and bars all over the U.S.

More Than Just Beer

They don’t stop at making and serving beer, Shipyard Brewing is all about customer experience. Probably one of the most unique things we’ve seen is their ‘Brewing Vacation’. Guests get to roll up their sleeves and join Shipyard’s best brewers in the making of beer. The Brewing Vacation provides three days of education in the brewery to satisfy curiosity, spark a hobby, or improve home brewing skills. What a great way to explore craft beer!

Another way they extend the experience to their guests is by selling branded gear. Grey Fox Pottery has had the privilege of working with Shipyard for over 20 years, hand making thousands of stoneware mugs for their mug clubs, retail and online stores.

The Shipyard gift shop staff can’t say enough good things about our very own Mike, stating that a large reason they continue the relationship is because of the customer focused service he provides. Way to go Mike! They also value that the mugs are made in the U.S.A., and make beautiful, one of a kind gifts for their customers to take home after their visit at Shipyard or Federal Jacks.

In the era of what appears to be a craft brewery around every corner in America, Shipyard Brewing has had the staying power, probably because of their focus on their customer experience. We look forward to many more years of a successful partnership!

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