Every beer drinker appreciates the the distinctive experience of drinking out of a beer stein.  Some die hard fans suggest that the heavy glass is the best way to enjoy your beer to admire the color, and others believe that drinking out of a stein actually makes the brew taste better.

The history of the beer stein dates back all the way to the late 1500’s in Germany. What began as a vessel to drink beer, display status, and help protect from the public from bubonic plague has evolved over the centuries into a staple at bars and pubs around the world.  Nowadays, many classy establishments that take pride in the presentation of their beer serve their brews out of steins modeled after the original works of art.

There are many factors that help make a great beer stein.  Here are just a few reasons why beer steins make the perfect vessel for drinking great beer.

Beer steins are still a status symbol

beer steinBack in the early days of the evolution of beer steins, stoneware mugs were expensive enough that people who owned one spent a little extra to have an artist create a beautiful, custom work of art on their stein.  The community recognized stein owners as having status in the community because of their vessel. Anyone who owned and drank from a beer stein at the local pub was recognized as someone who could afford small luxuries during a difficult time in the world.

While things have changed a great deal since then, beer aficionados still appreciate the luxury associated with the beer stein.  They are made from a variety of fine materials like porcelain, stoneware, silver, pewter, or wood, and feel weighty and substantial in your hand.  Sipping a delicious brew from a beer stein feels a bit more indulgent and special than drinking from a regular glass.  Establishments that offer the option of a beer stein are typically those that value both the presentation of their beer and offering their patrons an experience that enhances the flavor of the brew.

Beer steins are durable

Celebrating with a pint of beer may involve more than one clink of glasses and a chorus of “cheers.”  One of the reasons beer steins are the perfect vessel is because they are so durable.

Constructed of materials that are built to last, beer steins are sturdy and can stand up to daily use.  They also offer unique features like handles and texturing that make for an easier to grip beer mug and avoid drops or spills.  This is great because there are few things more disappointing at the pub than a spilled beer.

Personalized Beer Steins can create a memorable experience

When it comes to collectible items, beer steins are a very popular choice.

A personalized beer stein can be a great souvenir to remember a beer you particularly enjoyed, or a favorite establishment.  Every beer stein tells a story, and because they are built to last, it’s a story that can be enjoyed over and over again.

Beer really might taste better out of a stein

The science of how to best experience beer is constantly evolving and most manufacturers have suggestions on what type of glass will enhance the flavor of their brew. Sam Adams and Stella Artois are two that are known for having their glasses served in a custom chalice.

Beer connoisseurs, like specialty craft beer bars also have recommendations on which brews should be served in which glasses for the best flavor.  The well-known Brass Tap suggests that beer steins are the perfect vessel to express the flavors in American Lagers, German Lagers, and Bocks.

Personal preference will play the biggest role on deciding what type of vessel is best for your beer.  Those who love the tradition and feel of a beer stein swear that the flavor is better when it comes out of their mug.  Some believe it’s because of the porous nature of the stein, allowing it to retain flavor and create a richer brew.  Others think it’s because the thick, heavy stoneware or ceramic helps to keep the beer at the optimal temperature for longer.  Whatever the reason, drinking out of a finely crafted beer stein creates a unique and memorable experience steeped in history every time.

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