Coffee shops, cafés and bakeries are cozy safe havens for chilly shoppers and other passersby in need of a warm, delicious snack or beverage to get them through the day. The cold weather and the season spirit drive customers in droves to these shops to experience their newly released holiday flavors or simply escape the cold. This time of year creates a fantastic opportunity for your business to drive retail sales and promote your brand through a variety of marketing initiatives. So then, which of these tactics should your company leverage to optimize retail sales without burning through too much of your budget?

At Grey Fox Pottery, our team is committed to helping your business differentiate itself from competitors and thrive. That’s why we produce a wide variety of high-quality branded merchandise for coffee shops, bakeries and cafés, including stoneware coffee mugs. We also understand full well how difficult it can be to determine which marketing strategies your business should invest in to boost profitability and deepen customer loyalty. So today, we’ll be discussing how your business can increase retail sales through one of the most exciting and cost-effective forms of marketing: custom merchandising.

Fostering Retail Sales With Branded Merchandise

If you’re looking to drive retail sales in your shop, then start by stocking up on new merchandise! A change of pace is sure to get people noticing and talking. After all, everyone loves looking at cute items as they wait to place their order. Our pottery experts here at Grey Fox Pottery can design a custom line of branded stoneware mugs to stock your shelves with. These coffee mugs are perfect holiday gifts for anyone in a customer’s life. Fill your shelves with these and they’re sure to clear out just as quickly!

Ordering custom-made coffee mugs from Grey Fox Pottery is a perfect way to get a little creative when you’re establishing your shop’s aesthetic and getting customers excited about your business. You can promote your brand through these gorgeous stoneware pieces by sending us your logo. From there, our American artists will design and create a custom mug that’s perfect for you and your customers. You can even take this a step further by stocking your shelves with a differently themed mug for every occasion. For example, in the spirit of the holidays, try displaying red and green mugs on the shelves to brighten up your shop and celebrate the season.

We also have a few suggestions for if you want to use this as an opportunity to get a little bit creative with promoting your retail sales:

Gift Baskets

Shopping for Christmas presents is hard, so why not make it a little easier for your customers and do the hard work for them with a few pre-made holiday gift baskets? A great basket could include a Grey Fox mug or two, a holiday blend of coffee (or hot chocolate for your customers who don’t drink coffee), holiday-themed candy and something with your brand’s name on it, like a small stuffed animal or an ornament. Including some of your delicious baked goods or directions for making holiday-themed treats or beverages is a wonderful way to complete this package.

These gift baskets offer potential customers a sample of your products, making them a great way to draw in new patrons inexpensively. They have an object with your logo on it, which increases name recognition and gets your brand into the homes of your patrons. And on top of all that, they even provide a service to your existing customers! They’re a win on every level. These assortments of gifts are suitable for anyone in each customer’s life. And who knows, maybe the customers will like them so much that they’ll even buy one for themselves!

Limited Edition Mugs & Contests

To create buzz, you can try selling limited edition mugs in your shop. You could even hold a contest for customers where the prize for the winner is a custom mug made just for them! Try giving your regulars a leg up by holding a contest where if they make a certain number of purchases you can enter your name into the contest multiple times. Holding a contest like this is a fun way to spread awareness of your brand by word of mouth and get customers to engage with your brand.

Maintaining Sales With Grey Fox Mugs

Take all the buzz this starts and move it past the holiday season by incorporating our mugs into the aesthetic of your shop. Every successful coffee shop has an iconic piece that draws people to their shop. To see this in action, think of all the Instagram posts you see of Starbucks cups. Not only is this great advertising, but people pay them to do it! The greatest thing about our mugs is that you can customize them differently with every order you place. This adds a unique quality to your shop that other stores just won’t have: personality. Whether they’re used for different holidays, an event you might host at your shop or the prize for a contest, stoneware mugs from Grey Fox Pottery are perfect for every occasion!

Contact Grey Fox Pottery Today

Feel free to call or message us if you have any other questions about Grey Fox Pottery or want to pick up an order of our top-quality stoneware pottery to promote your business. You can also reach out to us if you need more advice on how to grow your business through smart, affordable marketing efforts. We’re here to help with anything you need.


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