We love to focus on the concept of “what’s best?” We ask ourselves, what are the best places to eat, best travel destinations, best new looks for spring—and even—what’s the best coffee mug size? But, sometimes the pursuit of “best” isn’t the right path to take when searching for a new product. After all, what’s best for one person could be completely wrong for another. So today, instead of focusing on how to find the best coffee mug, we’re going to help you find the right coffee mug.

If you own a business that sells coffee mugs, you’ve most likely spent a lot of time wondering about which coffee mug will be the best fit for your customers, and this is a great place to start! You’re already headed in the right direction, but let’s take that chain of logic a step further. You already know that your customers are unique; they have specific wants and needs that your business is providing them with. That’s why they choose you over your competitors. So, if your customers are unique, then doesn’t that mean that a coffee mug that meets their distinct needs will be the most popular one on your shelves?

Luckily for you, at Grey Fox Pottery, we offer 11 different variations of coffee mugs in a wide array of shapes and sizes. And by customizing each order to your specifications, including using your very own logo or color scheme, you’ll find that any of our coffee mugs quickly become a crowd favorite at your place of business. But how can you choose which coffee mug type is right for you? Use our simple coffee cup guide below to find the coffee mug that perfectly meets the needs of your customers.

Types of Coffee Mugs

Tavern Coffee Mugs

Tavern Coffee Mug

Holding a very respectable 12 ounces, our Tavern mug mimics that classic beer stein look. With a slight barrel shape and generous handle, the Tavern mug is made to be clasped with both hands on a cold night.

Potbelly Coffee Mugs

This classic handmade mug style has been a favorite in many a coffee shop and bakery for years. With a narrow mouth and generous handle to be carried with one hand, and yet a wide enough mid section to be clasped for warmth, 12 and 16 ounce Potbelly coffee mugs make for the perfect addition to any setting. Being a bit slimmer and taller than most cups, these mugs hold the perfect amount of coffee or tea to complement a light meal or sweet treat.

Traditional Coffee Mugs

Maintaining the same early American style that it was originally crafted with, our Traditional coffee mugs give off a rustic feel while provide modern comforts, like a full 12 or 16 ounces of coffee. Being made from natural clay stoneware, the Traditional mug keeps drinks warm for an extended period of time, making it ideal for those who like to take their coffee out on the porch in the crisp morning air.

Slimline Coffee Mugs

Slimline Coffee Mug

If you like the look of the traditional but want a slightly smaller mug the Slimline coffee mug is perfect. It’s our most popular style. The decoration area is big, the profile is sleek, the loop handle is a job to hold. The petite 10 oz size screams cute and is great for richer brews. The 14 oz size remains our best everyday mug for any coffee lover.

Pub Coffee Mugs

It may be short and stout, but this little coffee mug doesn’t shout. Being undeniably cute, the 10 ounce Pub coffee mug is ideal if you’re looking for a mug that will hold enough coffee to get you through a quick chat and then on your way. For the busy customer on the run, the Pub mug is the way to go.

Pedestal Coffee Mugs

Is your consumer always on the go? Do they rush from place to place and end up colliding with most things that get in their way? If so, then the Pedestal mug is the one for your shoppers. With a nice big foot, the Pedestal mug keeps its cool despite knocks or jabs, just like your customer. But it’s not all hard edges. With a gently rounded middle, the Pedestal is the ideal balance between form and feature.

Barrel Coffee Mugs


Sturdy, comfortable, soothing—the Barrel mug. With a slightly curved design, the Barrel mug bends to meet the hand with its smooth surface. With a generous handle, this mug is perfect for carrying around the house or office.

Americana Coffee Mugs

Pour yourself a big ol’ cup o’ joe in the Americana mug. Holding an impressive 16 ounces, the Americana mug displays clean and stylish lines that somewhat mirror the classic pint glass look. This all-American product is tall enough to handle a specialty chai or caramel latte with a crown of whipped cream.

Villager Coffee Mugs

Quirky, yet practical, the 10 ounce Villager coffee mug appeals to the artist in us all. With expressive lines and an almost peculiar overall shape, the Villager mug would be right at home amongst artists, musicians, and intellectuals who can appreciate its uniqueness.

Diner Coffee Mugs

When you’re looking for a cup of hand-brewed joe, you’re going to want it served in a sturdy cup that’s up to the task. Enter the Diner mug. This American icon is durable, trustworthy, and dependable, just like the good people it serves. Holding up to 10 ounces of sweet, hot goodness, this American classic is good to the last drop.

Bistro Coffee Mugs

The ideal coffee house mug: the Bistro. This classic Euro shape has been the preference of coffee houses around the globe for years. With a gentle bowl shape, the Bistro is ideal for gently blending drinks both behind the bar and at the table. Available in both 10 and 16 ounce varieties, the Bistro mug is a welcome addition in any café, bistro, tearoom, or coffee shop.

Find the Perfect Coffee Mug With Grey Fox

When it comes to selling coffee mugs, let Grey Fox show you how it’s done. We’ve been helping businesses create original, branded coffee mugs and accompanying ceramic goods for over 28 years! We take pride in crafting authentic handcrafted stoneware mugs the American way. Feel free to give us a call if you’re still unsure about which type of coffee mug is right for your business; we’re more than happy to help!