Think about the moments that people drink coffee—the start of the day, the end of an elegant dinner, or accompanied by a delicate dessert. Starting with the strength of the brew, adding an aromatic flavor, and topping it off with just the right amount of sweet and spice, today’s coffee houses and restaurants give the average joe the opportunity to create their own version of the perfect cup o’joe.

As the aroma of a steaming cup of coffee fills the air, it awakens our senses and makes us feel something. For a few moments, it evokes new emotions. The shape and size of the coffee mug adds to the ambience and puts us in a positive space. What type of coffee mug truly represents your shop? Take a look at this 5 points guide to choosing the best coffee mug shape.


Diner mugs

When nothing else is open, you can always count on the local diner for food that is consistently good and served by a friendly face. Diner customers want hearty food and a fresh cup of coffee to wash it down with. Nostalgia greets them in a cozy booth with a substantial mug in a retro style. A soup mug does double duty with a creamy café au lait or a hearty homemade soup.

Café’s and Sandwich Shops

cafe mugs

Tall, slender mugs with a thin, classic handle are perfect for sipping and socializing with friends at the local coffee shop or when lunching with the ladies. The potbelly style is perfect for a less formal atmosphere like the downtown sandwich shop. It goes great with a submarine sandwich, a bowl of flavorful chili, and a bag of chips.

Bar or Pub

pub and bar mugs

After a night of alcoholic drinks and merriment, it’s time to pull a stool up to the bar and order up a mound of appetizers. Buffalo hot wings, potato skins, fries piled high, and loaded nachos make great sides for a rustic mug with a sturdy handle, in an earthy color. Fill it with caffeinated coffee to help patrons be safe on the drive home. Send these mugs out to the dining room the morning after with a breakfast plate of eggs, sausage, and fried potatoes.    


coffee mug handmade

Simple, yet delicious meals served in a modest setting call for a coffee mug with a simple design. No frills, clean lines, and a sleek handle makes the choice for bistro owners easy as pie. Fill them to the brim when sending these mugs out with soups, salads, sandwiches, and fresh-baked cookies.

Dining customers will come to your restaurant for the delicious food. Choosing the right style of mug helps to create an atmosphere where they’ll linger over coffee for an experience that makes them eager to come back again.  

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