Coffee is a hot commodity in todays society. The active and unbound world that we live in today has lead to people enjoying hot, caffeinated beverages to keep them energized. And because people need their coffee, the proliferation of cafes and gourmet coffee shops is higher than ever.  

If youre a coffee shop owner, there are a million things to worry about: finances, quality of product and managing employees are just a few things that come to mind. All of these are imperative to your profit margin and success. Above everything else however, the customer experience that you provide is key to receiving and retaining thirsty patrons. What better way to do that than to offer custom coffee mugs? They wont just appreciate the fact that youre offering premium, customized mugs, but youll also enjoy a boost in brand awareness every time your customers enjoy your ceramic mug in front of others.

Enjoy A Boost In Impressionspottery mug blue

With custom ceramic mugs that have your logo across the front, you provide the customer with the perfect promotional medium thats also useful for the user. Ceramic mugs have a long lifespan, being so durable, offering countless impressions every time its used. The logo area on the front of a ceramic mug offers a nicely-sized and visible area in which your coffee shops logo, tagline or call-to-action can be seen clearly.

Take a Little Piece of You Home with Them

Coffee shops with a reputation for serving up great roasts develop loyal customers both from around the neighborhood and across town. With a ceramic mug brandished with your logo on it, customers are able to purchase a souvenir from your coffee shop and take it home with them. Now, when they make their own coffee theyll have a gorgeous, comfortable mug thats perfect for leisurely sipping.

People Collect Coffee Mugs

As keepsakes, souvenirs, and memorabilia, there is a large community that collects mugs so they can better remember their experiences. People cherish their coffee mugs for years to come, and treat them with care so as best to preserve their memories associated with their mugs. Those on the hunt for their next big coffee mug scorewill certainly appreciate your creative promotional item!

Coffee Mugs Have Many Uses

Besides simply drinking from coffee mugs, there are many other great uses for gorgeous mug stoneware. Many people will use mugs to display flowers, use them for seeding plants, or hold candles. Around the office, many times mugs are used to hold office supplies like pencils, scissors and business cards.

Coffee Mugs Make a Great Addition to a Gift Basket

If you own a coffee shop, you can include a ceramic mug within a gift basket, that also includes a few packets of your coffee brew or tea and anything else your store offers. Customers can also be encouraged to use them within their own gift baskets, whether theyre making a get wellwith a can of soup (that can be heated in the mug), or a welcome aboardbasket for a new hire.

It Saves Your Marketing Budget

Custom Resort Coffee MugCompared to other forms of advertising, ceramic mugs are an exceptionally great value for the money. With a stylish coffee mug, it can remain on a potential customers desk for months, if not years. The return on investment is much higher than a billboard, which averages in the tens of thousands of dollars for a four week campaign.

The uses for promotional mugs are only limited by your creativity!

Get Your Coffee Shop Mugs from Grey Fox!

Americas best handmade custom coffee mugs come from Grey Fox, from our hands to yours. Our stoneware coffee mugs are stylish, classy and affordable. To get started, all you need to do is send us black and white art and we will design your mug using our Ceramic Scrimshaw process with exceptional detail. Choose stylish two tone glazing or a simpler, single color from our wide selection of handmade custom coffee mug options. All coffee mugs come with your choice of cork O ring or cork pad at no charge to you.  

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