Small business marketing isn’t easy. You probably don’t have thousands of dollars to pour into television or print advertisements, and getting outside help from a consultant might also be out of your budget. Luckily, you don’t need huge amounts of money or someone else’s opinion to develop an effective marketing plan for your coffee shop or other small business. There are a number of marketing tactics you can employ to draw in new customers while creating returning customers to your shop.

One such tactic is to use branded stoneware in your business. Offering branded stoneware coffee mugs is a fantastic way to show appreciation to your customers and employees while creating an inviting atmosphere and marketing your brand–all at the same time! At Grey Fox Pottery, we are dedicated to providing quality, handmade stoneware mugs and tankards that will leave a beautiful impression on anyone who happens to hold one while visiting your business.

Add to Your Shop’s Ambience

While the beverage you’re brewing is the most important part of your customer’s experience, presentation is also key to a stellar experience. Create an atmosphere within your shop that appeals to the kind of customer you’d like to attract, whether that’s a person who hangs around for hours or one who simply stops by for a morning cup of coffee. Cultivating a specific atmosphere means you have to make some design choices, which can involve anything from the signs you display in your windows to the kinds of mug you choose to fill with coffee and other drinks.

Ask yourself what will make a visit to your business truly memorable for a new customer. How will you turn first time visitors into return customers? Consider the vessel that holds your brews. What’s more pleasing, both aesthetically and functionally–a styrofoam coffee cup, or a stoneware coffee mug with your business’ logo front and center? Not only will a stoneware coffee mug enhance your customers’ experience, it will keep your brand at the forefront of their minds as they enjoy their drink.

Offer Loyal Customers a Unique Piece of Pottery

Whether you’re starting your very own mug club, giving away coffee mugs as part of a promotion, or displaying mugs for sale behind the counter, custom-branded stoneware coffee mugs will give your business that little something special that mass-produced pieces can’t provide. Think through the variety of options you’d like to offer your customers. Will you design a special stoneware coffee mug for your mug club? Offer a limited-edition mug during the holiday season? Or will your eye catching, custom mugs be part of a loyalty program reward?

Not only is a stoneware coffee mug striking; it’s completely one-of-a-kind! Utilizing mass-produced pieces, as some businesses do, isn’t nearly as special as handing a customer a handmade mug. A person can get a mass-produced mug to hold their coffee in any convenience store. But every Grey Fox Pottery piece is lovingly crafted by hand, so each mug will be subtly distinct and perfectly unique–an excellent way to make your customers feel special.

Show Appreciation to Your Employees

Depending on how large your business is, you might be employing just a few people. Don’t let their dedication get lost in the shuffle of keeping a business running smoothly. Show them you’re thankful for their hard work by gifting them with a custom stoneware coffee mug. Not only will they be able to take home a quality piece of pottery; they’ll be reminded of what sets your business apart every time they use it.

If you employ a larger staff, consider holding a monthly giveaway or raffle. With Grey Fox Pottery’s huge range of style and color options, you could even create an employee-specific coffee mug to give out as a prize or reward. A custom stoneware coffee mug might be exactly what your “Employee of the Month” gift basket needs!

Attract New Customers with Grey Fox Pottery Stoneware Coffee Mugs

On average, 92 percent of customers trust referrals from people they know. So why not let your customers do the talking (and marketing) for you? Don’t underestimate the power of social media and word-of-mouth when it comes to driving new business to your store. In fact, you can leverage those opportunities even further with branded merchandise. A custom stoneware coffee mug makes for a great photo opportunity in your business, as well as a smart talking point in a loyal customer’s home. With the correct use of branded stoneware mugs, you’ll have new customers wandering in to find out how they can get their own!

Grey Fox Pottery stoneware coffee mugs are an ideal way to satisfy customers, reward employees, and drive new business to your coffee shop. Our pieces are handmade by talented American artists and are more durable and resistant to chipping than conventional inexpensive imports. With a minimum order size of just 48 pieces and a wide variety of glazes and mug styles to choose from, the only limit is your imagination. Give us a call today to find out more about our quality pottery pieces.

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