Coffee has been a staple of humankind for hundreds—if not thousands—of years. In recent history, countless “studies” and blog posts have made their way around social media sites, claiming this or that about coffee with little scientific backing. Myth after myth continues to tarnish coffee’s wonderful name and it’s time to put them to rest.

At Grey Fox Pottery, we’re passionate about coffee and the customized coffee mugs we create on behalf of our clients. We’ve put together this post to help you better get to know coffee and its splendor, and to thwart any presumptions floating around out in the misinformation ether.

Myth #1 Coffee Can Stunt a Person’s Growth

There are some people who would suggest that coffee’s supposed links to osteoporosis result in stunted growth. But coffee doesn’t cause osteoporosis nor does osteoporosis make a person short. The closest connection to osteoporosis that coffee has, in fact, is simply in a matter of dieting and habits. If you drink more coffee and less calcium-bearing liquids like milk, you’re not getting the calcium you need. Regardless of diet, though, the body’s growth is simply unaffected by coffee.

Myth #2 There Are No Health Benefits With Drinking Coffee

This is just untrue. Over the years, several reliable studies have proven coffee does have some health benefits. Some of the more obvious benefits are improved cognitive abilities, sociability, and headache relief. A few studies even suggest that coffee may reduce the risk of:

  • Liver disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Dementia

Myth #3: Coffee Is Very Addictive

The addiction behind coffee is more of a mild physical dependence fueled by habit. According to WebMD, coffee is far less addictive than is assumed and is nothing quite like addictive drugs. The abrupt stoppage of coffee would only affect you for a day or two, potentially causing headaches and fatigue. It does not affect one’s physical health the way other habits do.

Myth #4 Coffee Causes Insomnia

It’s very unlikely that coffee is a direct cause of insomnia, this is mostly due to the fact that coffee is metabolized relatively quickly and only sticks around for a few hours. In general, a few cups of coffee at dawn will do little to affect your sleep at night. That said, large quantities of caffeine should still be avoided by persons who already struggle with insomnia as it chemically prevents us from feeling tired.

Myth #5 Coffee Increases Risks of Cardiovascular Disease

High intake of coffee isn’t linked to heart diseases as some information suggests. In fact, you can have 2-3 cups a day with little-to-no effect on your blood pressure. However, experts suggest that anyone with preexisting cardiovascular diseases or high blood pressure conditions should first speak with their doctor before consumption.

Myth #6 Coffee Dehydrates You

It’s been suggested for years that coffee will dehydrate you simply by its own nature. However, coffee with its high-water content doesn’t dehydrate on its own – at least not the way people think. Because coffee is a diuretic, however, large amounts of it can result in dehydration symptoms. But a healthy amount of daily coffee paired with a good diet will not dehydrate you in the way it’s been assumed to do so.

Myth #7 Coffee = Sobriety

The only thing that coffee can do to combat the effects of alcohol in the system is to provide energy to the body and mind. It does little to actually reduce the cognitive impairment brought on by alcohol – as suggested in our culture for a long, long time. The APA actually suggests that it could be worse to combine coffee and alcohol, as coffee has been linked to improving confidence and therefore altering the already-compromised decision-making.

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