Traditional Beer Stein

20 & 24 ounce beer steins

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The name says it all. Our Traditional tankard is the quintessential beer stein style. The generous loop handle gives you the perfect grip on your brew while the tall and wide body allow for a large space to show off your artwork or logo on a custom clay medallion. Our Traditional beer stein comes in a hearty 20 and 24 ounces to hold plenty of your favorite beer!

Here is Republic Brewing Company's custom tankard sporting a bright red glaze with turquoise rim. Republic is a family owned brewery located in Republic, Washington. They are housed in an old fire hall on Main Street. This isn't the first brewing company in Republic. The original "Republic Brewing Company" served gold miners of the 1890s and was shuttered during the Prohibition years. The 'new' Republic keeps its customers coming back with craft beer, sodas and their mug club!

Have you considered a customer loyal program? Mug clubs are a great way to reward and motivate your customers to keep coming back to their favorite watering hole. Check out our brewpub mug club article for ideas on starting a mug club.