Coffee Shop Mug Club 101

Have you ever considered starting a coffee shop mug club or loyalty program for your business? Customers love the chance to get exclusive deals and be rewarded for being frequent, loyal patrons. Here are some super simple ways to start your mug club right away!

Make Enrollment Easy

Customers don’t want to have to provide a lot of personal details or jump through hoops to join your loyalty club. Keep it easy by asking for their first and last name and email address. It is best if you use a email subscription service like MailChimp or Constant Contact to automate enrollment and also use for opting into to your newsletter.

Determine the Rewards

Look in your wallet, how many paper punch cards and plastic loyalty cards do you have? Have you ever realized that you’ve forgotten to have your card punched/swiped to get credit for your purchases? It’s enough to make you want to throw them all out! Reward your customers all year long no matter how often them come in. By providing a continuing discount on their coffee purchase by just a simple identification of their name, phone, or email (or custom mug), your customer will appreciate a simple reward that keeps them coming back to you!

Sweeten the Deal

Use that email that your customer provided when they enrolled to promote other products in your coffee shop like retail products (custom mugs, beans, stationary and gifts) and bakery items. Provide monthly discounts on special seasonal drinks or a one-time discount they can use to get a free drink on their birthday.

coffee shop mug club

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Give Them a Really Cool Custom Mug

Create a custom mug that is exclusive to your coffee shop mug club members that they can bring in to have filled each time they come in for an extra savings and you’ll not only save money on paper products and their waste, but you’ll have a customer showing off you brand wherever they take their mug. Our new traveler tumblers with lids make it super easy for them to take their drink to work or other outings where their peers will be in awe of their classy mug (and want one of their own).

Promote Your Mug Club

Now that you’ve decided to launch your loyalty program with a great benefits, including a custom stoneware mug, it’s time to spread the word to your customers. This can be done very inexpensively by using your internal staff, a small, retail mug display stand at your cashier counter, social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram where you can showcase your custom mugs in photos and in email marketing if you already have a list of customer email addresses. For little to no cost you’ll be able to start building repeat customers that enjoy being rewarded for coming to your coffee shop and will likely brag to their friends about you and there is nothing that beats customer referrals.

Now that you’re ready to start a mug club in your coffee shop, contact us to get a quote for your custom coffee club mugs.

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