LaGrange County Community Foundation is a nonprofit public charity that awards scholarships and grants to nonprofit organizations in LaGrange County, Indiana.

Jan Pilgrim, LCCF Executive Assistant told us the story of how they LCCF chose Grey Fox Pottery, instead of another company, for a special custom handmade coffee mug to be used during their 25th Anniversary.

LCCF Executive Director Laura Lemings brought a mug to the office that she received at an event.  Jan also brought in her favorite mug, one made by Grey Fox Pottery, from a cherry orchard in Northern Michigan. When they learned that we offer a less costly setup charge and transparent pricing, it made the overall purchasing decision easy.

handmade coffee mugsWhen the mugs arrived the folks at LCCF were thrilled. A custom mug was given to each LCCF staff member, each board member and all of the scholarship reviewers. Guests at LCCFs annual meeting also received a handmade mug.

They are just right-the color is perfect! For buying something sight unseen, Grey Fox did good 🙂

The intricate tree artwork in the logo lent for a beautiful execution of their logo on the clay medallion. The tree in the logo is symbolic of LaGrange County, meaning “farm or plantation” and is also a reflection of the foundations commitment towards community growth and nurturing. We liked the mugs so much ourselves that we decided to feature it as the Pub Coffee Mug on our website.

Our Pub Mug, which comes in a 10 ounce capacity, was a little smaller than they had anticipated and they were surprised when they received their order.  Of course we wanted to make them happy, so we decided to supply a larger style for use in their lunchroom at no charge. There are a variety of custom mug sizes available in both coffee mugs and beer mugs shown on our website. Which one fits your favorite drink?