The hype and constant questions about “What your New Year’s Resolution?”might have died down, but that doesn’t mean you should forget them. Once the hype and newness of 2019 begin to die down, so will the novelty of that workout plan and those long books. Why not switch up the common promises to lose weight and read more novels and make a resolution for your brand that will feel so much more satisfying to accomplish? Marketing for small business can be tiring and expensive, so we’ve broken down a few simple ways you can put that January optimism to good use and refresh your brand for the year ahead.  

Freshen Up Your Space with Simple Renovations

Is your coffee shop or brewery starting to feel too confining? Maybe even a little boring? Do you wish you had a bigger back room every time you step behind the counter? Live out that “new year, new me” mantra by making those changes that you’ve been contemplating for months. You can keep things as easy as switching out your furniture or as complex as expanding your kitchen, storage, or counter space.

If you can’t afford or don’t want to close down for a few days while a construction team takes the place apart, opt for easier renovations. Draw inspiration from spaces that you admire, whether in-person or online, and then figure out what elements of those designs you can bring into your store or shop. Even something as banal as changing out the light fixtures or bringing in some new bar stools can go a long way in making your place of business feel like a brand new space.

Host a Grand Re-Opening

If you do opt for a more in-depth renovation that requires you to shut down for a period of time, you’ll want to make sure that your customers know exactly when you’ll be back open for business. Time to host a grand re-opening! Decide whether you want to celebrate during normal business hours or advertise and invite customers to a special evening party—and then plan an event that fits the tone of your brand.

A re-opening is also a great way to debut a complete rebrand. That could include everything from a redesigned logo and name to new products or a different direction for your company. Mark that change with a launch party or some type of physical event in order to let your customers know that you’re back in business and better than ever.

Invest in Quality Stoneware Pieces

Another simple thing you can switch up while also marketing a coffee shop or brewery is the mug or cup in which you serve your products. For a place that serves drinks, the container is almost as important as the stuff that fills it! Think about the kind of atmosphere you want your place of business to exude, then set out to find cups or mugs that match it.

In pursuit of the perfect aesthetic, you might choose to get rid of plain, low-quality pieces and enhance your customers’ experience with branded stoneware. With a little planning and a vision in mind, you’ll find yourself with some beautiful pieces that perfectly complement your interior. And not only do our handmade cups and steins feel and look great; they also provide a valuable but subtle place to show off your logo!

Expand Your Online Presence

What comes up when someone Googles your business? Ideally, your website will be the top result, supplemented by glowing Google or Yelp reviews. But things don’t always work out perfectly. Maybe some one-star comments are blocking the more positive reviews, or a website with an extremely similar name is eating up all of the search results. Set aside some time to clean up your company’s online footprint, starting with leaving a friendly reply to those less-than-stellar comments.

Websites are important, but don’t neglect the active world of social media. If you’re not already on a social network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, what are you waiting for? Set up an account for your business! Most brands can benefit from an expanded online presence and a social network or two. Apps like Twitter or Facebook allow you to communicate directly with your customers, keeping them up to date on special deals, promotions, and events while encouraging engagement from the people who love your company.  

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Grey Fox

It can be fun and beneficial to your business to reinvent things every now and then, but in the midst of marketing your coffee shop or brewery, don’t forget about what makes you unique in the first place—your core principles, unique products, or commitment to your customer base. At Grey Fox, the quality of our products and our dedication to our artists and customers never changes. Contact us today to find out more about our gorgeous product offerings and small-batch order sizes!