At Grey Fox Pottery we never tire of helping new customers improve their business with handmade pottery mugs.

Double Down

Such was our pleasure the other day, picking up the phone and having Lois Sparling, owner of Classic Coffee of Glendora, CA excitedly telling me that her first order of mugs “flew off the shelves” and that she needs to double her second order and get them right away.

Lori and her patrons just love how the Pot Belly pottery mug keeps their coffee nice and toasty warm far longer than any other mugs she has had! The colors are even better than she was expecting which is really cool because Lois has an absolutely beautiful coffee shop and it was important to her to have custom mugs that resonated with her brand! We really love the classic logo with a steaming cup of joe in the middle, it made for a great looking medallion.

coffee house

Source: Classic Coffee

Classic Coffee is devoted to supporting and embracing the community and has been voted as the top coffee house in the San Gabriel Valley. They give back with donations to local schools and non-profit organizations that support their community and keep it strong.

We are proud of our artists for hand crafting a pottery mug so universally admired and valued to people all across America. We are proud to make the best pottery mugs in America, by hand, one by one!

Each and every member of our highly creative and talented staff are involved in creating each and every mug, which truly is an individual work of art. They smile with obvious pleasure every time we pass these stories on to them, because they made it happen!

Thanks Lois and all the staff at Classic Coffee for your orders and we are so glad you like your mugs.

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