Steel Service Company, based in Claremore, Oklahoma has been manufacturing and distributing the highest quality structural steel products and buildings since 1973. “If you need it, we have it, or can get it,” is their motto, and service is their middle name.

Pam Mitchell has been ordering quality, custom mug styles from Grey Fox Pottery for several years now, and says she “has loved how easy it is to do business with Grey Fox Pottery.”

custom mug styles

Steel Service Co chose our Slimiline custom mug style in 2016

Each year Pam and her staff get together and pick out a new style or two, along with new colors. We pride ourselves on continually testing new custom mug styles and glaze colors and combos so that our customers, like Pam, have no trouble finding a glaze color and style to fit them every time.

The artisans at Grey Fox anticipate their yearly order and pay the same careful attention to detail they always do. Our team takes pride in hand making the finished custom mug styles for Steel Service Co.

Steel Service Co sends out the custom mugs to customers and staff as a thank you.

 “as always, our customers loved them.” – Pam.

We are so glad to spread good service and high quality handmade mugs to businesses of all industries and sizes! Thanks Pam and the entire staff at Steel Service Company!