The leaves have fallen, and consumers are making the switch from autumn to that most wonderful time of the year: the holiday season. People looking for a little cheer amid the pandemic have begun to deck the halls, make their lists, and check them twice. 

Small businesses across the commercial spectrum have been struggling to retool their operations over the past year to meet customers where they are. The holiday season promises to bring a reliable amount of shopping and gift-giving this year, so keep reading to get some tips to get your custom holiday merchandise on everyone’s wish lists.

1. Deck Your Homepage

Now is the time of year to get your merchandise and your online presence into the holiday spirit. Decorate your website the way you’d decorate your home for a holiday party. Strings of holiday lights, Pinecones, and boughs of spruce branches, a jolly snowman, or gentle snow falling over your homepage will let your visitors know that you’re ready for the holiday season.

Consider adorning your logo with a holiday call out as well. String some lights or hang a sprig of holly across your logo for all communications across the web and social media just for the holiday season. 

2. …And Your Merchandise Selection

Now that you’ve had a little fun with your logo, consider commissioning a limited-edition selection of holiday merchandise featuring your logo decked out in its holiday outfit. Stoneware mugs are available in a variety of glaze colors, meaning you can create a limited edition Let it Snow white and blue edition or a traditional red or green perfect for sipping coffee by the tree on Christmas morning. People store many decorations and tableware away every year after the holiday season, and most people won’t hesitate to purchase or give a mug they’ll only use for one month each year. 

3. Create a Holiday Update of a Bestseller

Take a look at your bestsellers from the last year, whether you’re in retail or hospitality. If you continually sell out of your winter stout as soon as you release it in growlers, build on that demand by creating exclusivity. Create a themed stoneware mug with the beer logo that everyone loves and invite people to reserve a growler by buying the limited edition mug. Offer curbside pick up of the bundle close to the holiday gift-giving season. 

4. Suggest Gifts

Stoneware mugs make a great gift across many different categories because they’re durable and hand crafted. They feel personal. Use the holiday-updated merchandise you’ve commissioned or stick with your best sellers to suggest a mug with every purchase of a gift card, t-shirt, or bulk coffee purchase. Always suggest the addition of a mug by displaying an assortment of holiday merchandise on your website, in your retail location, and at your point-of-sale.

Offer Gift Wrapping

It might seem so simple as to make little difference either way, but customers appreciate a wrapped gift. It will be one less thing they have to do. Offer gift wrapping with all gift purchases leading up to the holidays. Create minimal and attractive gift wrapping by using a neutral paper or bag and creating a holiday-themed label featuring your logo. Offer pre-wrapped to-go packages at your point of sale if you’re able to have customers visit your business in person.

5. Get Social

The holiday season presents a lot of great opportunities to connect with customers via your social media platforms. Those limited edition, hot-off-the-presses holiday stoneware mugs or beer steins featuring your grab-it-before-it’s-gone winter ale logo deserve some great lighting and an Instagram post right away. 

Reach out to customers with holiday-themed content throughout the holiday season. Everyone loves a gift guide. Create gift guides in collaboration with neighboring businesses or local brands you love. Include one for teachers, beer lovers, brothers-in-law, last-minute shoppers, and more. Feature your merchandise, but include an assortment of other useful ideas as well. 

Feature short videos on your social media, teaching customers how to brew the perfect cup of coffee when they buy your bulk beans. Encourage customers to post pictures of your product with your hashtag and offer a gift certificate or a growler to go in a weekly drawing. Feature the weekly winners on your web page and social media. 

Let Grey Fox Help with Your Stoneware Merchandising Needs

Artisans at Grey Fox Pottery craft beautiful stoneware mugs and steins in a variety of sizes and shapes sure to fit the needs of your business. Stoneware mugs make a great addition to your merchandise assortment because they tell your customers that you’re committed to craftsmanship and quality. Contact us today to talk about the endless options. Our minimum order is just 48 pieces, so you can create limited edition mugs for any occasion.