Erin go Bragh! It’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day, and people around the world are getting ready to break out the green clothing and celebrate on March 17th. The rise of craft brew culture and accompanying breweries of all types means that Americans have a perfectly homey place where they can commemorate everyone’s favorite day to be a wee bit Irish. Here are some ideas for preparing your brewery to welcome those happy-go-lucky pub-goers.

St. Patrick’s Day Your Way

Brewery owners should plan for their share of green-clad revelers on St. Patrick’s Day. Consider throwing an official St. Patrick’s Day celebration at your brewery, complete with beer, decorations, games, and merchandise (including custom beer mugs for customers to buy once they find out how much they love your beer). If you want to make your brewery a great place to celebrate, keep reading for ideas to bring on the Irish fun—no plane tickets to Dublin required.

black mugs with green rims and a logo reading 'irish kevin's key west'.

1. Start With the Beer

It probably goes without saying, but it all begins and ends with beer. Americans spend nearly $245 million buying beer on St. Patrick’s Day, and some of it should definitely be your craft brew. 

There are so many ways to bring the theme of St. Patrick’s Day to your brewery, but you could start with offering themed beers, such as your favorite lighter brew dyed, you guessed it, green. Perhaps one of your lighter pilsners or lagers would really shine with a bit of food-safe dye. If you want to offer something a little more Irish but without the theatrics, remember to highlight your stout. Have your bartenders practice making a four-leaf clover in the frothy head atop every perfect pour of stout ordered on March 17th!

2. Make It an Event to Remember

Whether people make plans to get a pint at your brewery on St. Patrick’s Day or find their way in looking for a place to meet a friend to celebrate, take steps to make sure they remember you next year and many times in between.

Bring on the Green Decorations

Turn your brewery into a St. Patrick’s Day celebration with decorations. You could scatter mischievous leprechauns throughout the place or drape your space in green, orange, and white twinkly lights for Ireland’s flag. Whatever your taste, there are ways to decorate your brewery that will help your customers feel like celebrating—while still maintaining the atmosphere of your special spot. Make a classic statement with bouquets of greenery, such as Bells of Ireland or shamrocks, on every table, or hang green banners everywhere. You decide what works best!

3. Fun and Games for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just another day for those looking to celebrate the luck o’ the Irish, so show them a good time. Offer your customers some fun, themed activities when they visit you on March 17th. Hide some leprechauns or Irish flags around the brewery space, and offer kids who find one a green lollipop to invite family fun. Put out crayons and St. Patrick’s Day coloring sheets earlier in the day.

Trivia endures as a brewery classic, so create Ireland or St. Patrick’s Day-themed quizzes to test teams’ true mettle. Start simple or get technical. You might also turn already existing games in your brewery into St. Patrick’s Day-themed activities. Turn your shuffleboard table or dartboard into a competitive game with the winner receiving a free green pint or branded custom brewery stein to take home.

Custom Brewery Mugs for St. Patrick’s Day—and Every Day

Craft beer culture has become a way of life, and visiting breweries is now a regular activity for a lot of people who want a place to meet a friend, order a pizza, relax, and try a new draft or drink an old favorite. People also love to buy merchandise when they visit breweries. T-shirts, hats, stickers, and custom brewery mugs with your logo front and center are ideal items to offer for sale or as giveaways for special events. 

Serving your beer in a custom brewery mug every day is another great way to get your brand in customers’ hands while they enjoy your beer. Make sure your customers are holding your logo when they post to social media by putting your brand right on the stein holding the drink.

Grey Fox Pottery Crafts Custom 

Here at Grey Fox Pottery, we like to think that we know a thing or two about quality, custom pottery. We’re guaranteed to have just what you’re looking for, because we create it just for you. You pick from a wide variety of glaze styles and colors, send us your logo, and our artists will create your custom mug using our Ceramic Scrimshaw process. With a low minimum order requirement, you can order with confidence, even if you’re just getting started with branded merchandise. 

We offer a nice assortment of stoneware beer steins, which means you’re sure to wind up with a style you adore. Quality stoneware is durable and substantial, and it holds up well to daily use—which is good news for you and for the customers who purchase your mugs. They’ll have that stein for a long time, and they’ll associate your brand with quality craftsmanship and quality craft beer. Contact us today to find out more or get your order started.

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