Handmade ceramic mugs are great both as a gift and for personal or professional use. When you’re deciding whether to buy a ceramic mug, there are a ton of things to consider. Do you want your drink to stay warm? Do you like to drink in style? Maybe you’re trying to be more environmentally-friendly. With many different options in choosing a mug, here are 5 reasons to use handmade ceramic mugs.

Ceramic Mugs Retain Heat Betterhandcrafted coffee mug

The first reason to choose a ceramic mug over another style is that ceramic holds keeps your drink hotter for longer. Ceramic loses heat at a slower rate than other types of mugs in that ceramic is more porous, meaning conduction occurs slower in ceramic mugs. Conduction is loss of heat is through the direct contact of two materials, one of which is cooler than the other. The little air pockets that develop in the pores of ceramic act as heat insulation, slowing the process of conduction.

But conduction isn’t the only thing contributing to a cold drink – convection also plays a role. Convection is loss of heat through the air. Once the mug initially warms up, it will lose heat through convection. In turn, this causes it to draw more heat from the coffee via conduction. Ceramic has a higher specific heat than glass, which means ceramic will lose heat through convection at a slightly slower pace than glass. With a ceramic mug, heat loss through convection should occur about 11 percent slower than it would through a glass mug of the same shape and size.

It Just Tastes Better

As with every beverage product we consume, we have a certain perception when it comes to quality standards. Just as with the coffee we drink, the vehicle we use to consume it can make it taste better. The weight, texture, comfort and overall aesthetic contributes to the taste of the beverage we’re sipping on – and there’s no other container that fits as perfectly in your hand as a ceramic mug.

Generally the taste imparted by a stainless steel mug is actually imparted by soap, rancid coffee oils, manufacturing lubricants, etc. adsorbed onto the chromium oxide layer (the formation of which is what makes steel “stainless”). Chemical removal of these adsorbed compounds is generally accomplished by “specialized” coffee equipment cleaners.

Also, remember that much of taste comes from smell. When drinking out of a stainless steel travel mug, you may notice your coffee or tea isn’t up to par. That’s because a travel mug doesn’t give you the freedom to bury your nose into them like a ceramic mug does.

Better for the Environment

orange coffee cupIf you’re using paper or styrofoam cups, you’re not doing much to help the environment. And while a ceramic mug takes more energy and resources to create, styrofoam and plastic cups aren’t biodegradable. According to a research report by Trinity College, they determined that you would have to use a ceramic mug 25 times to justify using it over disposable (paper or styrofoam) cups from an environmental standpoint.  

It’s also an interesting point that ceramic doesn’t weigh as much as other coffee mug types, like glass, meaning they’re lighter. When shipping large amounts of mugs, the tiniest fraction of an ounce between mug weights can add up to increase shipping resources. Gas for trucks and ships, extra manpower and additional boxes all contribute negatively to protecting the environment.

It’s More Stylish

Ceramic mugs can be customized to represent any personality, group or business. Grey Fox Pottery, for example, offers mugs that can be personalized with any color, shape, size and type. Whether you want a two-tone beer stein, perfect for a renaissance festival, or a military mug that has your armed forces seal or badge displayed across the front, the options are endless. Rather than head to the local department store and picking up an over-priced mug that everyone else owns, stand out with a handmade, custom ceramic mug from Grey Fox.

It’s a Great Marketing Tool

If you’re a small business, military group or renaissance festival looking to gain more brand awareness, ceramic mugs can be great tokens of memorabilia for those that shop your stores or attend your events. High-quality stoneware lets you give your patrons a one-of-kind souvenir to remember their time at your store or event. Whether you want to give them away to build awareness or sell them for a profit, you’ll have a product that people will want to talk about. With a handmade ceramic mug, thrown on a potter’s wheel, heated in a kiln and your logo branded across the front, now people can take a little piece of you back home.

Choose Grey Fox for all your Custom Mug Needs

Whether you’re looking for a mug to give as a gift, or if you want one for yourself or group, Grey Fox Pottery offers the best in custom mug solutions. Ceramic mugs keep your beverage warmer for longer, they’re good for the environment, and they’re simply more stylish. Whatever you’re searching for in a ceramic mug, Grey Fox has the product for you!